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Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

1. Policy Statement

The Men’s Coach is committed to creating a safe and secure environment for all children participating in our coaching, talks, and workshops. 

We believe that safeguarding their well-being and promoting their emotional and mental health is paramount. 


We prioritise the welfare and well-being of children and will take reasonable steps to protect them from harm, abuse, neglect, and exploitation.


Mental health and suicide are complex topics. The information provided should not replace advice you have received from a healthcare provider who is familiar with an individual’s circumstances or condition. The Men’s Coach provides general information on lifestyle factors found to be associated with mental health in men. 

2. Purpose

The purpose of this Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy is to:

  • Ensure the safety and protection of children involved in our programs.

  • State the responsibilities and expectations of staff and volunteers regarding child protection and safeguarding.

  • Establish procedures for reporting and responding to child protection concerns and safeguarding.

3. Definitions

  • Child: Anyone under the age of 18 participating in services provided by The Men’s Coach.

  • Child Safeguarding: The process of preventing harm to a child.

  • Child Protection: Responding to harm which has occurred to a child.

  • Designated Safeguarding Officer: The individual responsible for implementing and overseeing this policy.

  • Staff/Volunteer: Any person employed by or volunteering with The Men’s Coach.


4. Responsibilities


4.1. The Men’s Coach.

  • The Designated Safeguarding Officer will receive appropriate, annual child safeguarding and child protection training.

  • The Men's Coach will make reasonable efforts to not make use of people who have been registered as not being fit for working with children. To this end, The Men's Coach will use the Enhanced Check with Barred Lists from the UK Government's Disclosure and Barring Service to determine if an individual has been registered as unfit to work with children. If the individual has been registered as unfit to work with children, they will not be taken on as either staff or volunteers by The Men's Coach

  • The Men’s Coach  will facilitate training on child protection and child safeguarding for all staff and volunteers.

  • The Men’s Coach will ensure that this policy is regularly reviewed and updated.


4.2. Staff and Volunteers

  • All staff and volunteers must adhere to this Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy.

  • They should report any child protection or child safeguarding concerns to the designated Designated Safeguarding Officer immediately.

  • Staff and volunteers must maintain appropriate professional boundaries with children.

  • Staff and volunteers must participate in ongoing child protection and safeguarding training that is facilitated by The Men's Coach. After reasonable rescheduling, refusal to participate in the provided training will result in termination of their status with The Men's Coach.


5. Code of Conduct


All staff and volunteers working with children and young people are expected to adhere to a strict code of conduct, which includes:

  • Treating all children and young people with respect and dignity.

  • Ensuring professional boundaries are maintained.

  • Avoiding any form of physical, emotional, or verbal abuse.

  • Reporting any concerns to the Designated Safeguarding Officer.


6. Transparency 


To uphold the safety and transparency of our coaching sessions for children, we are committed to ensuring that parents or guardians are well-informed about the topics discussed by The Men’s Coach during meetings. Prior to each session, we will provide parents and guardians with an overview of the planned topics, allowing them to review and understand the content that will be covered. 

This proactive approach ensures that guardians have an opportunity to engage in open conversations with their child about the material and can raise any concerns or questions they may have, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment for the child's mental health development.

7. Contact Details 


To ensure the safety and well-being of children and young adults in our male mental health coaching program, we may require both the child's contact details and their parent or guardian's contact information. 

This information is crucial for communication, emergencies, and maintaining privacy, all of which are handled with strict confidentiality and in compliance with our privacy policies.


8. Confidentiality


To uphold the privacy and confidentiality of our coaching sessions for children and young adults seeking support for male mental health, coaching sessions will never be recorded. 

We strictly prohibit any form of audio or video recording during our sessions to ensure a safe and open environment where participants can freely express their thoughts and concerns without the fear of their words being captured or shared. 

This policy is in place to foster trust and create a secure space for the valuable conversations that take place during our coaching sessions.

All information regarding child safeguarding concerns will be handled confidentially and shared only on a need-to-know basis in line with legal requirements and best practices.


9. Reporting and Responding to Child Protection or Safeguarding Concerns


9.1. Reporting

  • The Designated Safeguarding Officer is responsible for receiving and recording concerns.

  • If anyone has concerns about the welfare of a child, they must report it immediately to the Designated Safeguarding Officer. The Designated Safeguarding Officer will follow the appropriate procedures for reporting and responding to concerns, which may include involving the police or local child protection agencies.

  • In the event of a child or young person disclosing any concerns or potential harm during a session, The Men’s Coach will promptly inform the child's guardian or emergency contact and terminate the session to ensure immediate protection and prevent further harm. 

  • The Men’s Coach will make use to the Government Reporting Procedure: 


9.2. Responding

  • The well-being and safety of the child or young adult involved will be our primary concern throughout any investigation or response.

  • The Men’s Coach will follow local laws and regulations regarding reporting, and responding to, child protection concerns.

  • We will cooperate with authorities and agencies responsible for investigating child protection matters.

  • Confidentiality will be maintained to the fullest extent possible.


10. Review and Monitoring


This policy will be reviewed annually and updated to ensure it remains effective and compliant with current legislation and best practice.


11. Acknowledgment


All staff, volunteers, and participants in our programs will be required to read and acknowledge this Child Protection Policy.


12. Contact Information


YKIWYSI Limited (The Men’s Coach) Designated Safeguarding Officer Contact: Emma@The Men’s 


By implementing this safeguarding children policy, The Men’s Coach aims to create a safe and nurturing environment for young men participating in our coaching, talks, and workshops, while also promoting their mental health and well-being.


Last updated 08/11/2023

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