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Mums with Sons

Having Supportive Conversations with Men and Boys

Do you often have misunderstandings with the men or boys in your life, when you were only trying to help? Do you find that men and boys ‘shut down’ during important or emotive conversations? Would you like to be able to support men and boys in a way that is both engaging and effective? 


It’s time for ‘Mums With Sons’


In this groundbreaking workshop, join Men’s Coach and TEDx Speaker Ryan Parke to learn a straightforward method of communicating with men of all ages that is based on the latest scientific findings and years of Ryan’s coaching experience.

Over 90 minutes you will:


✓ Understand how hormones play a major role in communication styles.
✓ Discover a simple, 3-step strategy to having supportive conversations with males.
✓ Be able to identify both positive and toxic male role models.

After attending this workshop, you will be empowered to:

⇨ Understand the men and boys in your life better than before.
⇨ Provide long term engaging support to the males in your life and work. 
⇨ Have difficult conversations with young men and achieve positive outcomes.


Who Should Attend?

Originally created for mums with sons, this workshop will be useful to anyone who works with, lives with, or comes into contact with men or boys. Mums With Sons has received phenomenal feedback from teachers, parents, therapists, and NHS practitioners. 

Whether you want to improve your relationship with your son, partner, father or clients, don't miss Mums With Sons: Having Supportive Conversation with Men and Boys.

Content Notice: during this workshop and in the Q&A, Ryan will directly address issues relevant to the health of young men, including suicide, pornography and recreational drugs. Please consider whether you are comfortable with this before attending.  

Feedback for this Workshop

Would you recommend this workshop?

Yes - 100% of attendees.

Delegate feedback as of May 2024

How would you describe this workshop to others thinking of attending?

'Mums with Sons was excellent! Ryan delivered the talk to nearly 100 members of the Men’s Network in our NHS trust. Many mums (and some dads) attended and the positive feedback was astounding.'

'As much as it’s called mums of sons it really is inspiring to anyone with men in their life.'

'It's a game changer don't hesitate to book your space on this course, time very well spent.'

'It's a must - for men/women/boys/girls - to understand the biological differences on a relatable level is so empowering!'

'I learnt so much that I needed to know. I was captured throughout the talk.'

What did you like about this workshop?

'Brilliant succinct and useable.'

'I attended this talk hoping to come away with advice and skills to use with my nearly
10 year old son, and I did. But I also came away with so much more to support all the men in my life and a better understanding of different needs.'

'Lots of information, ideas and solutions given in an interesting and engaging way.'

'So many things I never knew! I need to change the way I talk to my sons!'

How will you be able to use your new knowledge?

'Communicating with son, husband, male colleagues, all men and also women.'

'I've already used it, as soon as I got home I was able to have an open and honest conversation with my partner who struggles with his mental health. We also discussed our sugar intake!'

'My son is only
8 but the strategies I have learnt will really help my communication with him. It has also made me think about how I can increase the positive male role models in his life.'

'Particularly for relating to males in my family but also to male colleagues / acquaintances.'

What would you change about this workshop?


'Nothing, Ryan's delivery was fantastic 👏'

'Nothing, but I would like to hear The Science of Male Mental Health talk if it is available.'

'Nothing! It was bloody brilliant.'

'I wouldn't change anything but would like to build on the talk from the perspective of dads with daughters, albeit a lot of this was already relevant.'

'Not having to miss the end due to another meeting.'

'I wish it was longer, I haven't come away from a session and felt so inspired in a very long time.'

True, useful, 

and interesting. 

(Desktop viewing recommended)

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