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Get It Done

The Workshop on Protecting the Cave

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed, ashamed or like you might be a burden to those you love? Or are you worried about a man who does? 


Having a sense of security is vital for positive male mental health. Alarming statistics reveal that men with problem debt are nearly three times more likely to die by suicide. And recently separated men are 7x more vulnerable than men in a relationship. 


Current support for men often focuses on encouraging men to express how they feel, despite the fact that practical, solutions-based training has been found to be significantly more effective at improving male mental health. 


It’s time to Get It Done


In this unique workshop, designed and delivered by Ryan Parke, you will learn which skills can help to overcome feelings of overwhelm, shame and feeling ‘like a burden’. Over 120 minutes online you will: 


✅ Learn how to carry out a financial health check

✅ Identify the 3 relationship types and how to navigate them

✅ Practice new prioritisation and negotiation skills designed to give feelings of security 


After attending this workshop, you will be empowered to:


🎯 Set and pursue meaningful financial goals

🖤 Communicate with your partner in a way that promotes long-term cooperation

💪 Confidently enter negotiations and ensure win-win outcomes


Who Should Attend?


This workshop is designed for men who are feeling overwhelmed, ashamed or like they might be a burden; plus anyone who wants to support them. If you're ready to tackle the problems that might be causing you to feel insecure head on, this workshop is for you. 


Don’t stay feeling this way any longer! Join Ryan, The Men’s Coach, for "Get it Done" and Upgrade your Financial, Communication and Prioritisation Skills.

Content Notice: during this workshop, Ryan will directly address issues which are related to relationships such as sex and controlling partners. Please consider whether this workshop is right for you before attending.

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