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Hack your Health

The Workshop on Looking After Body & Mind

Do you sometimes feel down, depressed or have low energy? Or are you watching the men in your life become unhealthy, unhappy and want to know how you can help?


1 in 5 UK men won’t live long enough to retire, and the biggest killers of men are largely preventable. It's time to explore the science of lifestyle and hormones in men to learn effective ways to be happier and healthier. 


It’s time to Hack your Health


In this fascinating workshop, designed and delivered by Ryan Parke, you will learn why general advice is often ineffective for men as you explore proven factors that make a lasting positive impact for men. Over 120 minutes you will: 


✅ Learn the key risk factors associated with male life expectancy.

✅ Understand the diet and lifestyle choices which lead to better male hormones.

✅ Create a personal action plan to improve your health and life for the men you care about.


After attending this workshop, you will be empowered to:


🎯 Make better decisions around your diet, lifestyle and mental health.

📅 Take small steps that add up to improve long term health and life expectancy.

💪 Conquer feeling down or having low energy through simple lifestyle choices.


Who Should Attend?


This workshop is designed for men who want to take back control  of their health, and for anyone who wants to support a son, partner, dad, brother or friend. If you’re ready to get a deeper understanding of men’s health, then this workshop is for you. 


Don’t let the men you care about be part of the terrible statistics surrounding men’s health. Join Ryan, The Men’s Coach, for "Hack your Health" and Become Happier, Healthier and Harder to Hurt. 

Content Notice: during this workshop, Ryan will directly address health issues such as suicide, cancer, heart disease and sexual dysfunction. Please consider whether this workshop is right for you before attending.

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