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Make a Difference

The Workshop on Able to Serve

Do you have moments where you don’t feel useful, where your life lacks meaning or where you feel unable to communicate with others? Then it’s time to reconnect with the purpose in your life.


It’s time to Make a Difference


In this facinating workshop, designed and delivered by Ryan Parke, you will explore how key differences in hormones can challenge communication between men and women, and how they can also hold the key to finding purpose in life. Over 120 minutes online, you will: 


✅ Understand what leads to feelings of purpose and meaning in life. 

✅ Gain new tools to help you support others by reducing their stress and anxiety.

✅ Explore communication strategies based on hormonal mechanisms.


After attending this workshop, you will be empowered to:


🎯 Identify potential sources of meaning in your life.

🤝 Communicate in a way that breaks through biological barriers.

💪 Turn the challenges in your life into opportunities.


Who Should Attend?


This workshop is designed for men who don’t always feel useful, who sometimes find that life lacks meaning, and for anyone worried about a man in their life. If you're ready to make a difference and put your skills to good use, then this workshop is for you.


Nobody is useless and that includes you! Join Ryan, The Men’s Coach, for "Make a Difference" and Put your Masculinity to Good Use

Content Notice: during this workshop, Ryan will directly address challenging topics such as suicide and differences in gender communication styles. Please consider whether this workshop is right for you before attending.

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