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Master your Mind

The Workshop on Having Adventures

Do you often find yourself endlessly scrolling, easily distracted or bored with your real life? Do you find it hard to change habits, wanting to quit junk food, drinking or drugs but always slipping back into the same routine? Are you always looking forward to the next time you can smoke, gamble, watch TikTok or porn?


If this sounds familiar, it’s time to Master your Mind


In this groundbreaking workshop, designed and delivered by Ryan Parke, you’ll learn the dirty secrets of Dopamine,  the neurotransmitter that holds the keys to your focus, motivation, attention, pleasure, cravings, and personality. Over 120 minutes online you will: 


✅ Understand the many roles of dopamine, and how it affects your decision making.

✅ Explore the factors which affect this neurotransmitter, giving you more control.

✅ Learn 5 protocols that have the power to help you identify addictions, overcome procrastination and get motivated. 


After attending this workshop, you will be empowered to:


🎯 Identify factors in your life that are draining your energy and motivation.

📅 Create productive time in your life and begin building habits that make you happier.

💪 Close the door to distractions and feel present again.


Who Should Attend?


This workshop is designed for anyone who is experiencing procrastination, cravings, addiction or burnout, as well and anyone who struggles with motivation, focus or attention in general. If you're ready to master your mind and feel present again, this workshop is an essential step. 


Stop letting dopamine damage you! Join Ryan, The Men’s Coach, for "Master your Mind" and Break Free from Boredom to Live in the Moment.

Content Notice: during this workshop, Ryan will directly address addictions which affect men such as illegal drugs and pornography. Please consider whether this workshop is right for you before attending. 

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