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Safeguarding Policy for Adults

1. Introduction

The Men’s Coach is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for all adults participating in coaching, talks, and workshops. 


This safeguarding policy outlines our commitment to protecting adults from harm and provides guidelines for preventing and responding to safeguarding concerns.


Mental health and suicide are complex topics. Advice and guidance provided by The Men’s Coach should not replace that which you have received from a healthcare provider who is familiar with your individual circumstances or condition. The Men’s Coach provides general information on lifestyle factors found to be associated with mental health in men. 


2. Definitions


- Adults: Any individual aged 18 or older.
- Safeguarding Concerns: Any suspicions, allegations, or reports of harm or abuse to adults participating in our programs. 
- Designated Safeguarding Officer: The individual responsible for implementing and overseeing this policy.


3. Safeguarding Principles


The Men’s Coach is guided by the following safeguarding principles:
Respect: We treat everyone with respect, dignity, and consideration, fostering a safe and inclusive atmosphere.


Prevention: We take proactive measures to prevent harm, abuse, or neglect from occurring.
Response: We have clear procedures in place for responding to safeguarding concerns promptly and appropriately.


4. Responsibilities


4.1 Staff and Volunteers


All staff and volunteers will undergo an appropriate screening process, including advanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) background checks.


All staff and volunteers will undertake annual safeguarding training.


All staff and volunteers are responsible for ensuring the safety and well-being of adults they are working with.


All staff and volunteers must report any safeguarding concerns to the designated Safeguarding Officer.


4.2 Safeguarding Officer


The Safeguarding Officer and is responsible for receiving and recording safeguarding concerns.
The Safeguarding Officer will liaise with relevant authorities and organisations as necessary.
The Safeguarding Officer will ensure the confidentiality of information related to safeguarding concerns.


5. Reporting Procedures


5.1 Reporting a Safeguarding Concern


If anyone has concerns about the welfare of an adult, they must report it immediately to the Safeguarding Officer. 


The Safeguarding Officer will follow national procedures for reporting and responding to concerns.
In an emergency, or if an adult is at immediate risk of harm The Men’s Coach will not hesitate to call the police.


5.2 Confidentiality


All information regarding safeguarding concerns will be handled confidentially and shared only on a need-to-know basis in line with legal requirements and best practices.


6. Responding to Safeguarding Concerns


The well-being and safety of the adult involved will be our primary concern throughout any investigation or response.


The Men’s Coach will cooperate fully with authorities and agencies responsible for investigating safeguarding matters.


Confidentiality will be maintained to the fullest extent possible.


If needed, The Men's Coach will make reasonable effort to help the affected adult seek other third party support services such as counselling.


If the concern involves potential criminal activity, The Men’s Coach will report it to the relevant authorities as required by law.


7. Review and Monitoring


This safeguarding policy will be reviewed annually and updated as necessary. All staff, volunteers, and participants will be made aware of any changes.


8. Conclusion


By implementing this safeguarding policy, The Men’s Coach aims to create a safe and supportive environment for all adults participating in our programs, ensuring their mental health and well-being are prioritised.


9. Contact Information

Safeguarding Officer: Emma Parke, Email: Emma@The Men’s 

10. How to Raise a Safeguarding Concern

NHS England


11. Date of Last Revision


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