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The Science of Male Mental Health

In Person Delivery | Groups of Any Size

  • 2 hr
  • From 1,997 British pounds
  • Customer's Place

How it Works

Sharing findings from groundbreaking studies, male mental health expert and TEDx speaker, Ryan Parke connects the dots between mental health, wellness and goal setting in men. Whether you are a man, or simply want to understand the men in your life, Ryan will reveal: ✓ ​The science that explains why external factors (from competition, to relationship status, and even football results) have such a large impact on male mental health, and how to avoid it; ✓ ​​The key warning signs we should all be aware of, both in ourselves and in the men we care about; ✓ ​​Small, specific steps that men can take to improve their mental health, physical health, and life expectancy; ✓ ​​Which misunderstood hormone is vital for male performance, wellness and resilience, plus the specific ways to naturally increase it; ✓ ​​Why Ryan believes the answers to our questions about male mental health are explained in the science we already have, and which scientific questions need to be asked next… This 90 minute inclusive workshop is as positive as it is serious. Delivered in an informal and fascinating style to groups of any size, your team will leave with answers to their deepest questions about male mental health, specific strategies to improve outcomes for men, and a feeling of hope for the future.

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