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In the next 5 hours, 4 people will die from suicide in the UK and Ireland...
3 of them will be men.

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Talk Outcomes:

✓ Start a safe conversation about male mental health

✓ Reduce stigma by understanding the science behind the statistics

✓ Explore proven solutions that improve wellness and resilience in men

✓ Engage groups of any size with science, stories and strategy

✓ Option of evidence-based workbook to consolidate learning

Why book this talk about Male Mental Health?

You may know that 3 out of every 4 deaths by suicide in the UK and Ireland are men.
But did you also know that:


  • In 2012 Samaritans warned that talking and talking therapy are not addressing the key factors associated with suicide in men [1]

  • Between 2010 and 2022, the rate of men using talking therapies increased by 50%, and yet the rate of male suicide also increased - by 14% [2]

  • The most effective treatment for depression is not routinely discussed with men who are suffering from depression [3]

...And would you like to know what to do about it?

It's time to take an evidence-based approach to male mental health.

Sharing findings from groundbreaking studies, TEDx speaker and Men's Coach, Ryan Parke connects the dots between hormones, goal setting and mental health in men. Whether you are a man, or simply want to understand the men in your life, Ryan will reveal: 

  • Why external factors (like football results) have such a large impact on mood and mental health in men, plus simple ways to prevent it

  • ​​The key warning signs to be aware of in yourself and the men you care about with simple, science-based strategies men can use to improve wellbeing and resilience

  • The role that hormones play in male mental health and practical ways to quickly and significantly improve hormonal health in men

  • His evidence-based framework evolved from over 900 sources and his experience coaching hundreds of men that has been taught to mental health organisations, NHS Trusts and to Ryan's clients

  • Why the current approach to mental health isn't working for men and how we can make male mental health support more engaging, relevant and effective


Designed and delivered by Ryan, this fascinating and inclusive talk is as positive as it is serious. You will leave with answers to many of your deepest questions about male mental health, simple, science-based strategies to improve outcomes for men, and a feeling of hope for the future. 

Content Notice: During this talk Ryan will directly address sensitive topics including suicide, chronic health conditions and aggression.
Please consider whether this talk is right for you before attending.

Choose between Online and 'In Person' events:

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Audience Testimonials

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Rose Testimonial
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Anonymous Feedback Received

Would you recommend this talk?

Yes - 98.5% of attendees.

Delegate feedback as of May 2024

How would you describe this talk to others thinking of attending?

'Essential, for both men and women, but a real eye opener for men.' 

'Will challenge your perspective and offer REAL evidence based solutions that you don't normally hear about.'

'Essential to support any organisation's work around mental health and wellness in male employees.'

'10 out of 10. Must attend.'

'Brilliant. Opened my mind to what/why/how I can make improvements in my company.'

What did you like about this talk?

'Fact based reasoning and a clear framework to help men.'

'Excellent slides + presentation of material. Energy was really great.'

'Everything. It was so insightful, given me a completely new perspective on men's mental health and how to improve it.'

'Even though it was heavy on science, it was really easy to understand. I feel I've learned a new paradigm that's much more useful than the traditional approach.'

How will you be able to use your new knowledge?

'I feel I now understand my male friends, colleagues and family so much better. It's given me lots of new tools I can use.' 

'The tools in the workbook are extremely valuable in supporting colleagues and family and friends. I definitely feel more confident in supporting my male colleagues around their mental health.'

'It's given me an incredible insight into my own life! There are so many ah hah moments. I think it will help so many other men.'

'This workshop will help me to make use of suicide prevention training I've already received, because it's answered questions that the other training raised.'

What would you change about this talk?

'It went really quickly and I feel Ryan has more to share - the depth of the workshop for just 90 mins is excellent, please also offer a longer one.'

'Nothing. It's good and questions were answered as we progressed which I prefer to a Q&A session.'

'Minor point is move the Key Facts to the bottom of handout page otherwise really good.'

'Include the elements we spoke with Ryan about after the official workshop ended. They were also really interesting.'

'Maybe include more industry-specific statistics.'


True, useful, 

and interesting. 

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It's time to book
The Science of Male Mental Health


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