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Engaging men in a conversation about mental health is vital,
but it is only the first step.

It's then essential to know what to talk about,
and what actions to take.

Evidence-based and engaging, Skills Workshops are designed to provide participants with the skills required to balance the
5 Dimensions of Male Mental Health: goal setting, nutrition, security, motivation and finding purpose.

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Skills Workshops

A series of 120 minute workshops 

01: Rewire Your Brain

For anyone who feels stuck in a cycle of procrastination, anxiety and lack of progress towards your goals. You’ll learn why traditional goal setting causes these feelings and practise an alternate method that will help you identify and achieve your life goals.

03: Get It Done

For men who feel overwhelm, shame, or like a burden; plus anyone worried about a man who does. You’ll learn to address these feelings by improving financial, communication and prioritisation skills.

05: Make a Difference

For men who sometimes feel useless or a lack of purpose. You’ll learn how hormones affect communication style, identify potential sources of meaning in life, and gain new tools that you can use to support others.

02: Hack Your Health

For anyone who wants a deeper understanding of the male body and mind. You’ll learn how diet and lifestyle choices affect mental health and life expectancy  in men, empowering you to become happier and healthier by making small but effective changes.

04: Master Your Mind

This Skills Workshop is for anyone who feels bored, burned out, or like life is flying by. You’ll learn the dirty secrets of Dopamine,  giving you more control over your focus, motivation and attention - both inside and outside of work.

06: Mums with Sons

For anyone who wants to connect with the boys and men in their life. This workshop brings together key findings and strategies to create a simple but effective system to bridge biological barriers and connect with those you care about.

Following on from The Science of Male Mental Health,
Skills Workshops can be delivered in person or online.

If delivered as part of a Corporate Programme, these workshops can be recorded to provide a
24/7 resource for your colleagues.

How do Skills Workshops work?

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